I am fortunate to serve in directorships of several non-profit organizations that require me to travel. I have also had the honor of meeting some of the world's greatest organists. This page is to share some of the photos I have taken as I make my way, coast-to-coast across North America as an ambassador to the "King Of Musical Instruments".

Visit to Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Scenes from the Museum of the Ozarks
The Eureka Springs Railroad

2006 ATOS convention

The Rylander in Americus
Fox Weekend in Atlanta
Scenes from Stone Mountain, Georgia
The official Coca-Cola Georgia State Carillon from the 1974 World's Fair

At the Warren Performing Arts Center Barton
Downtown Indianapolis
The original home of Stutz Automobiles.

Republic of West Florida Museum
St. Louis Cathedral
St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church
The New Orleans Saenger Theatre
St. Joseph Catholic Church, Ponchatoula, LA.
The Shreveport Strand Theatre

At Bob Garner's (former Baton Rouge Paramount) Robert Morton organ
Temple Theatre, Meridian, MS.
The Hattiesburg Mississippi Saenger Theatre
Click the photo below to hear recording of John DeMajo playing the Hattiesburg Saenger organ

At Uncle Phil Maloof's Chicago Stadium Barton console in Las Vegas

A visit to the Atlantic CIty Convention Center Boardwalk Hall, home of the world's largest pipe organ.
View of the Boardwalk as we approached the shore
Atlantic City Avenue
The stage at Boardwalk Hall. For many years, this was the site of the Miss America Pageant
The famous 32 foot principal pipes. To give an idea of the scale of these pipes, the vertical space in the upper photo is ten feet high, and the pipes extend up three stories above the area visible in the photo. The low "C" pipe, at the back of the room, weighs in at just over a ton. In the lower photo, the tour guide could easily insert his head into the mouth of the pipe.
This is the loudest organ pipe in the world. It operates on 100" of wind pressure and can produce a 108 decibel sound on the floor of the auditorium.
This is one of the six large blowers that power the world's largest organ
A view of the organ shop where most of the organ was built in 1929, and where it is maintained today
A view inside one of the chambers. Note the unique pipe work in this orchestral division
Yours truly at the console of the 449 rank monster organ

May, 2009
Crossing the Canadian border
View of falls from Falls Blvd.
A view of the tulips in bloom in the Niagara Falls town square. Below, another scene of the town. Note the double-decker British made bus. Much British influence can be seen in Niagara and along Queen Elizabeth Way toward Quebec.
View of the American Falls. Small fall to right is the Bridal Veil Falls
View of the Canadian "Horseshoe Falls"
The American Falls and the river as viewed from the tunnel that runs behind the Canadian Falls
Close up view of the Horseshoe Falls taken from the tunnel behind the falls.
Water rolling over the Horseshoe Falls. Two million gallons per second is the normal flow.
Another view of the raging waters at the top of the falls
At night, the falls are illuminated by a bank of 8000 watt xenon lamps with colored filters. Each bulb is bright enough that if aimed skyward, it could be seen from the moon with the naked eye. The light show emanates from a stone castle (below) overlooking the falls. At 9 PM each night after the light show is over, water is diverted from the falls to the hydro-electric power generating plant and the water going over the two falls diminishes to less than half of its daytime rate.
The Maid of the Mist is named for a legendary Indian maiden who chose to die going over the falls in a canoe rather than marry an old man that the tribal chief arranged for her. The boat takes rain coat clad visitors to the very bottom of the falls.
Another view standing beside the Canadian falls. Access to this point is via a 280 foot elevator descent down a shaft through the rocks.
This 1916 vintage cable car carries passengers over the Niagara River at the most dangerous point called the Great Gorge. Water, moving hundreds of feet per second, causes Whirlpools below that will pull anything floating in the river, including boats, down to the depths of the 160 foot deep river.
Generator room of the Sir Adam Beck Hydro-electric generating plant. The plant and its associated dams and control structures on the Niagara River, are owned by the Canadian Power Authority. The United States operates a similar plant on the Buffalo, NY side of the border. Power from this facility is sufficient to supply the entire Province of Ontario with electricity.
The town of Niagara Falls boasts casinos and some of the finest restaurants in the world.

Crossing the Allegheny mountain range via tunnel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike
Tower Railway terminal converted to mall.
The State Theatre of Ohio located in Columbus
Old carbon arc projector
The Gray's Armory in Cleveland
Wurlitzer organ at Gray's Armory
Downtown Cleveland
Grand Lobby of the Hotel Cleveland
First Congregational Church, Columbus, Ohio

A visit to Organ Supply Industries
And on to Hershey, Pennsylvania and the Milton Hershey Theatre
The "sweetest" intersection in the world - Downtown Hershey, PA.
The Hershey Theatre and performing arts center
Demonstrating the Aeolian Skinner organ of the Hershey for other guests
On to Amish Country
Hey Obama... here's a green vehicle for you !!!
At historic St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Lancaster, PA
Next, Pliladelphia, and a visit to the worlds "second-largest" pipe organ
Macy's Department Store, home of the second largest pipe organ in the world.
The console of the Wanamaker Grand Court Organ at Macy's Philadelphia
Standing next to the foot of the Low "CCC" 32' Open Principal of the Wanamaker organ. The pipe towers three stories above my head.
Macy's at Christmas
At the console of the Wanamaker Grand Court Organ
No visit to Pennsylvania would be complete without stopping at Gettysburg to honor the men and women who so honorably served.
Visiting the nation's largest residence organ at
The consevatory building and ballroom which houses the great Aeolian pipe organ
Pedal division of the Dupont mansion organ at Longwood.
A view from inside the conservatory

Riding the Dollywood Express
A visit to the Chattanooga Railroad Museum
The observation point atop Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN.

Jefferson Theatre in Beaumont
In my new home town of Richmond, playing at the historic Byrd Theatre
Playing the mighty Wurlitzer at the Byrd
An Infra-Red photo of the Byrd stage
Playing the 1833 pipe organ at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Port Royal, VA.
At the console of the residence organ in the home of Dennis Stephens in Rappahannock, VA.
Dining at the Historic Jefferson Hotel in downtown Richmond
Visiting the many organs at the National Cathedral
A trip to the Library Of Congress where original copyright music copies are stored. Below, George Gershwin's Steinway piano.

Trout Fishing in a mountain river near an historic covered bridge
Riding the Cass Railroad in Cass, WV.

This is a partial list of great organists that I have met in my lifetime:

Virgil Fox, Don Baker, Olivier Latry, Gerre Hancock, Clare Coci, Tom Hazleton, Hector Olivera, Richard Leibert, Diane Bish, Dame Julian Weir, Thomas Trotter, John Ferguson (both the St. Olaf director and theatre organist and teacher by the same name), Ray McNamara, Rosa Rio, Daniel Roth. to mention a few. I also have the honor and pleasure of working daily with some of the finest present day musicians on the planet in my work with ATOS, AGO and OHS.